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Csatári Recycling Kft is a traditional company in Hungary, focused on collecting, sorting-out, processing and bailing of recycled paper, plastic, aluminium and metal waste.

Established in 2013. Build on a history that dates back to more than 3 generations in the Recycling business.

Initially, the company’s sole activity was the supply of waste paper, plastic scrap, aluminium scrap and scrap metal trade. Then, as one of the first companies in Hungary, Csatári took up processing of plastic waste material based on its own patented technology. It also expanded its activity to include preparing material for further processing by crushing and grinding, sorting, briquetting and granulating.

We employ various processing technologies to crash and grind very soft and hard materials, including soft PVC, rigid PVC, PET, HDPE, PP, EPS, PS/ABS recycling with modern technology to produce high value finish products. The different types of plastic are sorted and separated from the contaminations, grinded, and washed as necessary.

At present our company cooperates with many plastic plants and foundries at home and abroad.

We use our own patented technology to produce high quality recycled materials utilised in manufacturing industries.

Csatári’s presence at numerous science conferences and trade fairs has resulted in establishing cooperation with companies in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland and the USA.

Formation of secondary material for other processing industry. The Company has a capacity to produce 60,000 tons/month and a strong exporting orientation with customers in Central Eastern Europe.

Our goals:

High quality of our products
Customer satisfaction
Further dynamic growth

The key principle of our activity is to meet our customers’ needs and win their trust by offering top quality products and accompanying services.

Environmental policy

‘Csatári’ operations are based on values contributing to the achievement of environmental goals by rational waste management activity. Our operations are advantageous to the environment as they eliminate part of waste that would otherwise be landfilled.

We care for the environment. Therefore, we take every effort to run business and develop our company showing respect for nature and operating in compliance with applicable environmental requirements. When planning and implementing new technological solutions we are committed to minimising their impact on the environment. Our primary environmental goals include:

air protection, and soil protection

We try to meet our goals by raising our employees’ awareness, applying eco-friendly technology, reducing raw material consumption, minimising waste generation and recycling waste materials.

Our priority is to ensure that’ our employees have safe working conditions. We provide our staff with regular training in work safety so that they do not put their lives or health at risk while working.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions):

Here are a few of the questions we frequently receive. Should your question not be listed below, please feel free to contact us through one of the following methods:

By email:


By phone:

0036 20 4010005

Browse our FAQ’s below, to answer specific queries.

As per instructed by Sales Department

In order to proceed in good faith, the seller requires that the LOI (Letter of Intent) is no more than five days old.

Buyers are free to order any reasonable quantity of any product they desire, however they should be aware that the seller will not regard any shipment as a trial shipment, and that no extra product will be held in reserve for a buyer for subsequent orders. The price will be based on the ordered quantity.

A soft quote can be obtained by contacting us and completing the details of your desired order.

Regularly no, sellers do not supply SGS reports prior to opening negotiations.

The preferred method of payment is a Bank Guarantee, however a Documentary Letter of Credit or swift payment MT 103 are also acceptable. In all cases, the financial instrument must be issued or guaranteed by a Top Western Bank.

Letters of credit must be confirmed, irrevocable, divisible, and payable on sight. If the product is to be shipped in installments, then the letter of credit must revolve to cover each subsequent shipment.

SGS Inspections are paid for by the seller, and are carried out at the port of loading.

Several items of documentation will be required in order to successfully negotiate a shipment. The soft quote is the first piece of documentation the buyer will receive. If the terms of the soft quote are agreeable, then the buyer will be required to sign a NCNDA (Non Circumvention, Non Disclosure agreement). This document provides necessary protection to both the buyer and seller as they move forward in the trading process.

A Letter of Intent (or Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order ICPO) is the first piece of documentation required from the buyer, and it should be accompanied by a Bank Comfort Letter BCL or Soft Probe Authorization. When these documents have been received and verified, a Firm Corporate Offer (FCO) will be issued to the buyer.