Non Ferrous Metals

Csatári Recycling has been dealing with Aluminium scrap, Copper Wire Scrap, Compressor Scrap and ingot trading since 2005, but our professional experience runs back over 15 years. We conclude our purchase transactions from various areas in the European Union, but we sell to Hungarian and EU, Asia, America and the Middle East. In monthly average we supply our partners with 400-600 tonnes of aluminium- and metal waste. In order to comply with the strict EU-norms our company applies the ISO standard as well. Further to this, we put special emphasis on the professional development of our staff. Our future target is not to gain large market shares, but to establish and cultivate new business relations in order to remain loyal to our results that we achieved in years..
We are one of the well known suppliers and importers of these Scraps in the market. The Scraps offered by us are widely used in different industries for various industrial purposes. Available are list of products that we supply.;

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