Virgin Resin/Granules

Csatári Recycling also deals with the collection and marketing of plastic Recycled Granules and Virgin Granules (Resin) for the world of molding. Our main profile involves dealing with new and recycled quality plastic granules. Our products are raw materials and secondary materials that are used in the textile and plastic industries.
We are able to make the recycled plastic reusable, in the form of a plastic granule, for new industrial purposes.
Our company sells a wide range of new and recycled plastic granules used in injection moulding.
We are now a known name in sourcing from Europe with a joint trading and processing volume of thousands of MT per annum, exports to over 35 countries with Asia, Africa, America and the Middle East as the primary markets
We have strong associations with leading players in the petrochemical business in UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, OMAN, QATAR and KUWAIT for good brands such as IRAN PETROCHEMICAL, PETROHEMIJA, SABIC, SLOVNAFT, MOL, UNIPETRO, BOREALIS.
We are able to offer our customers the most advantageous prices and conditions for these commodities.
We sell, for example:

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